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Mumbai: Nationwide demonstration to save Aarey forest on July 24 – Times of India

MUMBAI: After the Maharashtra government vacated the Metro 3 car shed construction in the Aarey forest, environmentalist groups from Mumbai including Aarey Conservation Group and Youth for Aarey have given a call for a peaceful Pan-India protest to support the #SaveAareyForest cause.
The peaceful agitation will be held simultaneously on Sunday, July 24, in various cities.
“Despite weeks of resistance by the citizens of Mumbai the government is undeterred and going ahead with destruction of the lungs of Mumbai,” stated a press statement of the Save Aarey group.
“Maharashtra government’s circular to MMRCL asking them to go ahead with the construction of the Metro 3 Car Shed without touching the ecology of Aarey forest is a nonsensical attempt. The land under discussion is lush green and the government cannot do any construction without affecting the biodiversity of the area. We fear that the government once again will carry out the destruction of biodiversity by cutting trees at night,” said an activist.
Hence, the group has called upon all the environmental collectives groups and citizens across India to hold peaceful demonstrations in their cities, towns and villages this coming Sunday – July 24. More than 15 locations will see protest including Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Haryana, Bihar, Maharashtra, Kerala etc.
Destruction of a forest in the wake of climate change is simply ‘ecocide’. Cutting of trees anywhere in India or in the world is no more a local issue but an issue of global and national importance. We are already grappling with the effects of climate change, with so many states in India currently facing flash floods, landslides and rising heat. We know that the destruction of Aarey will increase such disaster events. Aarey safeguards our present and our future.