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Mumbai: Covid cases among those in working age-group down – Times of India

MUMBAI: The proportion of those aged below 20 among the total positive Covid patients in the city has been increasing steadily every passing month this year, according to statistics released by the BMC.

In absolute numbers, the overall Covid numbers have dropped drastically in the city, with around 300 people testing positive daily. During the peak of the Covid second wave, the corresponding figure was 30 times more, with 11,200 people tested positive on April 3.
Although, in absolute numbers, cases from the working age group of 31-40 are the highest, the percentage of infections from this group is on the decline.
In July, the city added 12,557 fresh Covid-19 cases, of which 11% were from the under 20 age-group — which works out to nearly 1,381 youngsters getting infected. While 18% of the total monthly infections were added by the working age-group of 31-40, it was down from the 22% in May. In June too, 11% of the nearly 17,000 cases came from the younger lot.
Additional commissioner Suresh Kakani said t youngsters have been stepping out more these days, making themselves more vulnerable to infection as most are still unvaccinated. Dr Joshi said it’s still early days in the vaccination programme to presume mass protection for any age-group. “There is perhaps an indirect benefit in mortality, but it needs to studied in detail first,” he said.