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Twitter rage as Maharashtra bans e-learning for kids under 7 – Times of India

MUMBAI: As several states banned online learning for young students, parents and schools across the country took to Twitter on Sunday in protest. Demanding a #RightToLearn, the hashtag had over 35,000 mentions in three hours. Maharashtra, one of those states, banned live classrooms for the pre-primary section, and classes I and II. Schools are allowed to send content through TV and radio.
While some argue virtual classes expose students to more screen time at a young age, others argue a prolonged break will impact learning continuity. “Don’t bound the kids inside their homes. Let them meet their friends and teachers. Let them learn! #righttolearn,” Twitter user Surbhi Oberoi tweeted, along with images of her daughter’s home learning activities.

The online campaign has demanded children’s right to learn via any medium; parents’ right to decide best for their wards, and the teachers’ right to work.