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Lockdown: Mumbai Congress minority leader asks Muslims to forego Eid celebrations, help needy – Times of India

Congress Minority department (Mumbai) vice-chairman Mudassar Patel

MUMBAI: Congress Minority department (Mumbai) vice-chairman Mudassar Patel has urged Muslims to forego Eid celebrations. He had appealed to the community to help the needy affected by the coronavirus-induced lockdown with the money they would have spent on the festivities. Eid will be celebrated on May 24.
“People have lost jobs and incurred loss in businesses due to the lockdown. Daily wagers like masons, plumbers, construction workers are hardest hit. Money should be spent in helping them and not on shopping and preparing lavish dishes on Eid,” said Patel.
While asking community members not to break the lockdown rules in the name of Eid shopping, he said defeating the pandemic and saving life should be the priority today. “If life is saved, Eid will come again. Social distancing should be maintained and needy should be reached out with help,” he said.
Patel who has distributed over 7,000 ration kits in Mumbai city and suburbs demanded that the government should give interest-free loans of minimum Rs two lakh to SMEs to restart their shut businesses.
“There is a young graduate known to me. Before the lockdown, he used to earn between Rs 30,000 to Rs 35,000 per month. The other day he approached me for a loan of Rs 5000. There are thousands like him who have been impoverished and need to be bailed out. Both the government and individuals should help such people who are not beggars and hesitant to seek help,” he said.
A Mira Road-based beneficiary who received help from Patel requesting anonymity said, “His help came at a time when we needed it desperately. We were about to run short of ration when his ration kit came.”
Patel said that their many families who never took charity have become poor and desperately need help.