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Mumbai: 23547 auto-rickshaws, taxis fined in October for refusing passengers – The Indian Express

Mumbai Traffic Police fined a total of 23,547 auto-rickshaws and taxis in October for refusing to ferry passengers wanting to travel short distances. The figure in October is more than the total figure from January to June this year.

The traffic police had warned of strict action after receiving several complaints from commuters about fare refusals in October, resulting in a spike in enforcement compared to September.

Of the 23,547 cases, 15,395 auto-rickshaws were fined Rs 50 each and 8,152 taxis were fined Rs 200 each. In September, 12,432 auto-rickshaws and taxis were fined. This year from January to June, 13,340 auto-rickshaws and taxis were fined.

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On October 17, Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Rajvardhan Sinha had issued a press note stating many complaints were received by them from the public about auto-rickshaws and taxis and they will be cracking down on drivers for refusing passengers wanting to ply short distances.

The traffic police had also put up boards regarding this outside railway stations and bus stops and got in touch with taxi and rickshaw unions to inform them about the order.