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Mumbai ranks second after Delhi in crimes against women, shows NCRB data – Hindustan Times

Mumbai is ranked second among 19 cities in the country in recording the highest number of crimes against women after Delhi, the latest National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data has revealed.

The NCRB data showed that Mumbai had reported 6,519 crimes against women last year, while the national capital had recorded 12,902 cases.

However, Mumbai is ranked ninth among the list of cities that has reported the highest rate of crime against women.

Mumbai has 76.5 rate of crime against women as compared to other cities such as Jaipur (235), Lucknow (175.4), Delhi (170.3), Indore (169.1), Patna (102.3), Kanpur (98.5), Nagpur (93.6) and Bengaluru (85.9).

The city is ranked third in the country in recording the maximum cases of rape last year.

Delhi occupied the pole position with 1,231 reported cases of rape, followed by Jaipur (517) and Mumbai (394).

The government data also revealed that Mumbai is the second city in the country that had reported the maximum number of cases of molestation at 2,069 after Delhi (2,326).

The molestation cases involve sexual harassment, criminal force with intent to disrobe, voyeurism and stalking.

Mumbai had reported the maximum number of cases of sexual harassment against women in public transport system. It had recorded 16 such cases last year, followed by Pune, Delhi and Hyderabad.

Mumbai has topped the list of cities which had reported the maximum number of cases of insult to the modesty of a woman, which refers to section 509 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), with 575 cases, followed by Delhi (456).

Mumbai had also recorded the maximum number of human trafficking cases (85), which had involved 401 victims. Delhi had reported 56 cases that had involved 388 victims.

Delhi and Mumbai were the leading offenders under the stringent Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, 2012.

Mumbai had reported 1,319 cases under the POCSO Act, 2012, involving 1,431 minor victims. While the corresponding figure for the similar offence in Delhi was 1,662 cases that had involved 1,674 minor victims

Delhi and Mumbai are ranked in the top two, respectively, for reporting the maximum number of cases of crimes against children.

Delhi and Mumbai had reported 7,565 and 3,640 cases, respectively, for the offence.

The Central government data showed that Mumbai Police’s pendency in disposing of cases for crime against women is 67.2%, which is the second-worst rate in India after Chennai at 81.9%.

Similarly, Mumbai Police’s pendency in disposing of cases for crime against children is also the second-worst rate in the country after Chennai at 87.5%, the NCRB data revealed.