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Mumbai: Jeweller held after model accuses him of raping her – Times of India

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MUMBAI: A 45-year-old jeweller from Madhya Pradesh was arrested after a 28-year-old aspiring model alleged that he raped her at her friend’s flat last week while she was under the influence of alcohol.
The Amboli police on Friday arrested Rahul Johri. He has been remanded in police custody till Tuesday. Johri, who has a jewellery shop in Bhopal, alleged foul play and said he has been framed.
According to the police, the woman was trying for a break in the film industry had gone to Bhopal mid July where she met Johri and bought two ornaments from his shop. She said she had asked Johri to visit Mumbai if he wanted to expand his business as she knew people who might want to buy.
Johri arrived in Mumbai on July 23 with a few orders and met the model at her friend’s flat in Andheri, said a police officer.
The complainant told the police that while she was under the influence of alcohol and her friend was out, Johri after showing her ornaments raped her. Later, when she regained consciousness, he threatened to jump from the 12th floor flat. It was then that her friend called the police.
(The victim’s identity has not been revealed to protect her privacy as per Supreme Court directives on cases related to sexual assault)