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Mumbai: Couple’s fight spills onto road, video goes viral – Times of India

MUMBAI: A spat between a couple brought traffic to a halt on Peddar Road on Saturday evening, even as traffic cops tried to sort things out. The woman was issued an e-challan for “abandoning her vehicle in a public place”.
Around 5pm, a man in his 30s was in a black vehicle with a woman. His wife who was tailing in a white car overtook and intercepted his vehicle. “She created a ruckus…climbed onto the bonnet, hit the windshield with her footwear,” said a witness. One lane was blocked.

When he got off, she kicked him. Both got into her car. She then entered the man’s vehicle and had a spat with his co-passenger seated inside. A video went viral on WhatsApp.
As the husband-wife duo refused to lodge a complaint, a station diary entry was made, said a police officer.
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