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Mumbai to witness high tides above 4,5 metres on 26 days during monsoon – Times of India

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MUMBAI: High tide of the monsoon will be on September 18, with height of 4.77 metres.
Highest tide level in June was 4.82 metre on 5th of the month. In July it will be 4.66 metre on 23rd , and in August it will be 4.75 metre on 21st of the month.
The civic authority considers high tide above 4.5 metres during monsoon serious. If its rain heavily during the high tide level 4.5 metre and abode, it caused flooding in the city.
Monsoon water goes into sea through the city drainage system. During the high tide the disaster management closes the floodgates to prevent sea water rushing into drain system. When rainwater find no outlet its flood streets and lowline areas in the city.