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Mumbai’s air quality dips to ‘moderate’ | Cities News – The Indian Express

The air quality in Mumbai dipped to ‘moderate’ on Thursday, days after the city recorded ‘good’ air quality. The readings on the Air Quality Index (AQI) showed 183, which falls in the ‘moderate’ category.

Experts said low air speed and humidity were the primary reasons for the air quality. The air quality is expected to oscillate between ‘moderate’ and ‘poor’ till the end of January.

On Tuesday, Mumbai’s overall air quality measured 41 on the index.

There are six categories on the AQI, namely ‘good’ (0-50), ‘satisfactory’ (50-100), ‘moderately polluted’ (100-200), ‘poor’ (200-300), ‘very poor’ (300-400), and ‘severe’ (400-500).

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