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Bombay High Court grants bail to man accused of rape on condition to marry girlfriend – The Hindu

The Bombay High Court recently granted bail to a 26-year-old man arrested in a rape case on the condition that he would have to marry his girlfriend who he deserted after he learnt she was pregnant.

A single Bench of justice Bharati Dangre passed an Order on October 12 in a bail plea filed against the man in a case of rape, kidnapping and cheating.

The couple were neighbours and were in a consensual relationship and the man left her after he learnt that she was pregnant. The woman gave birth to a baby girl in January 2020 and abandoned the baby.

The court was informed that the child was adopted and the man submitted an affidavit saying he is ready to marry the woman, however, is untraceable.

The court noted, “In the above circumstances, I deem it appropriate to release the applicant on bail subject to compliance that if the victim girl is traced within a short period of one year, he shall solemnise marriage within her, but he shall not be bound by the statement beyond one year.”