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‘Bad Spirit’: 3 women fight inside Mumbai local; video goes viral – Economic Times

For many in Mumbai, local trains are the only affordable mode of transportation. Over the years, the total number of passengers who use this mode of transportation has increased consistently, which puts a lot of pressure on the lifeline of Mumbai or Mumbai locals – as they call them colloquially.

Crammed together in tight folds with other passengers in these railway coaches, tempers usually flare up in such situations. Unfortunately, there has been a spurt in such incidents of unruly behaviour in Mumbai locals among passengers. In a latest video shared on Twitter, one can see three women fighting in a ladies coach – another disturbing incident showing frequent meltdowns.

The video begins mid-way showing a girl pulling the hair of an older woman. The altercation quickly turned into a three-way fight involving hair pulling and slapping. Meanwhile, fellow passengers tried to stop the fight, while others watched like mute spectators and held on to their positions as there wasn’t much to move around in a jam-packed local train. Since being shared, the video has garnered more than 2,000 likes and around 2 lakh views.

“Aunty, chhod do (Ma’am, let it go)”, some passengers could be heard saying in the video as the fighting intensified.

“[Behaviour like this] Stems from extreme pent up despair and being on the edge all the time. A regular phenomenon in peak hours in local transport, especially trains. The others look on not with apathy but recall the time when they were in it, too. We are all on the brink, just the extent varies,” wrote one user.

“Just think how overcrowded it is, how frustrating to travel like this every day…,” a second user commented.

Another user drew a comparison with Delhi’s much touted Metro, “Delhi metros are also same during peak hours. Same problem but thankfully less fights,” the user wrote.

“Please make a series of this. Awesome content. ?? we can decide which was the best fight and who was the winner at the end??,” wrote another user. “Soon to be added as an official sport in the Commonwealth Games,” commented another.

“Bad Spirit!,” another user wrote.

Earlier this month, a couple of similar incidents took place on Mumbai local trains.

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