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IIT-Bombay to have 4 students on fee panel – Times of India

Students with financial difficulties may get fee deferrals

MUMBAI: On the second day of a relay hunger strike by IIT-Bombay’s M-Tech and PhD students over a 35-45% fee hike this year, institute authorities released an official statement detailing the manner in which students’ concerns would be addressed. By late evening, a few hundred students who have been protesting the fee hike since Saturday responded with counter claims.
Four members from the elected student body would be added as permanent invitees to the fee committee, confirmed IIT-B. It was also decided to reduce the hostel amenities fund from the semester mess advance money paid to the hostels. Students with financial constraints, including those whose stipends are delayed, may get fee deferrals. IIT-B will also look at scholarships for masters’ students with financial difficulties; students can pay the semester mess advance in two installments to avoid a large financial burden at the start of the semester. The IIT-Bombay administration held an open house with students on July 26 to discuss the fee hike. A percentage of IIT-B’s funding comes from the government; it makes up 8% of IIT-B’s revenue.
“While tuition fees do not cover the overall costs, it is the expectation that hostel-related fees will at least be comparable to the hostel-related expenses incurred. These operational expenses are well above the hostel fees we were collecting earlier, and even with the increased fees, the operational expenses are still more than the fees collected. And this is not even counting the capital cost of construction of hostels,” said IIT-B in its statement.
Students, however, remain unsatisfied. They said the relay hunger strike will continue till their demands are accepted by the administration. “IIT-B students Against Fee Hike spoke to some students today (Sunday) who conveyed that they were given only two days to pay the fees of around Rs 97,000 to confirm their MTech offer. The administration has compared the stipend of the MTech students with the fees they have to pay. In fact, the stipend is not enough even to pay the fees as per the new fee structure,” said the protesting candidates.
While tuition fees for PhD students is Rs 2,500 per semester and Rs 5,000 per semester for new students, for new MTech students, it increased from Rs 5,000 per semester (after partial tuition fee waiver) to Rs 30,000 per semester. The total amount that students pay for hostel stay was around Rs 2,000 per month earlier, which has now increased to Rs 2,700 per month. PhD stipend is between Rs 31,000 and 34,000 per month, and the MTech stipend is Rs 12,400 per month.


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