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Mumbai businessman told to pay Rs 1.2 lakh per month maintenance to wife with 5% annual hike – Times of India

The wife told the court that her parents were based in Dubai and she had an arranged marriage with the accused in 2011 (Representative image)

MUMBAI: A city court has directed a businessman who runs a chain of restaurants to pay a monthly interim maintenance of Rs 1.25 lakh to his estranged wife. Further, it said the amount will attract an annual increment of 5% from August 2023 so that the woman, who lives in Bandra, does not have to knock on its doors repeatedly for enhancement of the amount.
Additionally, the court has ordered the man to pay Rs 25,000 towards her rent until her main complaint is decided. He will also have to pay over Rs 20 lakh in maintenance arrears. The magistrate said, “The assets and liabilities affidavit filed by the woman reflects that she is earning some income, but it is not enough to lead day-to-day life with dignity and as per her lifestyle in society to which she and her children belonged. Both the parties belong to higher economic strata. The order needs to be in tune with their social status and day-to-day necessities.” The court further said the man had various sources of income from his hotel and other businesses. “The husband and in-laws are leading a wealthy life, though the applicant and her children are in distress and in need of money and shelter. As such, monetary relief of maintenance and other expenses need to be granted,” it said.
The interim maintenance of Rs 1.25 lakh includes Rs 75,000 for the wife and Rs 25,000 for each of their two children.
Wife said man was violent, but in-laws chose to ignore it
A Mumbai court, while ordering a hotelier to pay his estranged wife interim monthly maintenance of Rs 1.2 lakh, said, “If the respondent (husband) fails to comply with the order, the applicant is directed to file an application for its enforcement, which will be decided separately on merit.”
The woman had filed a domestic violence case against her husband and in-laws in 2020 making several allegations, including that her husband was an alcoholic and drug addict. She said under the influence of liquor and drugs, he indulged in emotional, economical and physical violence. The magistrate said she had “succeeded in making out prima facie case of domestic violence”.
The wife told the court that her parents were based in Dubai and she had an arranged marriage with the accused in 2011. According to her, at the time of the wedding she was assured that she could continue to work. However, the family went back on its word later. She also alleged that her husband would come home very late and avoid her company.
She submitted that her in-laws ignored her troubles, saying such behaviour was normal in young age and the man would eventually settle down. With little change in his behaviour, the woman moved out of the house with their two children.
The husband and his family have rubbished her allegations. They said she wanted to “live a free and independent working life”, not a “married life”. They further claimed that despite providing her a lavish lifestyle, she was unsatisfied. The family said the woman had filed the application with the intention to grab money as she wanted to go Dubai without any burden of responsibility.


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