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Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde promises pothole-free roads in 2 years – Times of India

He said that all roads would also be concretised too in the coming two years

MUMBAI: Maharashtra chief minister Eknath Shinde on Saturday evening held a meeting with civic road department officials with regards to making Mumbai roads pothole free in the next two years.
He said that all roads would also be concretised too in the coming two years. It is pertinent to note that the city will see two big elections two years later too.
BMC officials said that laying of cement concrete roads are currently ongoing on 236 km of roads in Mumbai while 400 km of more roads are also proposed to be concretised.
Speaking to media Shinde said, “We have chalked out a programme to make Mumbai pothole free in the next two years. In the next two years all Mumbai roads would be concretised. Ducts would also be constructed along the median and also side of the roads so that rain water can flow away through it. This would ensure that the water level of the road is maintained and all water does not flow and go into the sea.”
Shinde also said that each year the BMC has been making use of cold mix which is also coming out of the road leading to bikers to slip therefore it has been decided that potholes would be filled with advanced ego polymer techniques and rapid setting concrete.”This would ensure that Ganpati mandals would hence not be hassled owing to these potholes the BMC chief IS Chahal has assured me,” said Shinde also adding that paver blocks would also be used to fill in the potholes to ensure that these craters do not come back again.
Civic officials said that while floating the tender itself clause of ducts along the road would be placed. Also a CCTV network along these roads to be repaired would be placed to continuously keep monitoring the quality of work being done.
The BMC chief IS Chahal had last week told TOI that they have a five year plan to convert all Mumbai roads into cement concrete.


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