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Mumbai Rains Live Updates: Heavy rain lashes city; high tide hits Marine Drive – Times of India

The water stock in the seven lakes supplying the city has shot up from 11% to 40% since the beginning of the month. Ten days ago, the total water stock in the lakes was only about 1. 6 lakh million litres, or 11% of their full capacity of about 14. 5 lakh million litres. With the bigger of the lakes, located outside Mumbai, getting heavy rainfall, the combined water stock of all seven has shot up to 5. 8 lakh million litres, or 40% of the annual total. In comparison, on July 11 last year, the combined water stock was 2. 5 lakh million litres, or 17. 6% of the annual total. In the 24 hours ending July 11 (this year), the combined lake water stock saw an almost 5% increase: from 5. 15 lakh million litres (35. 5% of the annual total) to 5. 8 lakh million litres.