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‘Now full Bombay is Andheri’: A rare power outage in Mumbai tickles Twitter’s funny bone –

A power grid failure in a power plant at 10.10 am caused a rare power cut across several parts of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region on Monday. As trains on the suburban system ground to a halt, online school classes and Zoom business meetings went blank.

Unlike many other parts of India, Mumbai rarely experiences power failures. The city’s alarm at going without electricity provided fodder for Twitter users across the country.

There were political cracks all around.

Some linked it to cricket defeats in the Indian Premier League.

Many were on business calls when the outage occured.

And someone couldn’t resist making a pun – playing on the fact that the name of the Mumbai suburb of Andheri is similar to the Hind word for “darkness”.

While Mumbai city rarely experiences electricty cuts, they are not uncommon in other parts of the metropolitan region such as Dombivli. This offered some schadenfreude.

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