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If people don’t behave properly, virus won’t leave Mumbai for another year: Iqbal Singh Chahal – Economic Times

MUMBAI: Mumbai municipal commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal has squarely blamed irresponsible Mumbai citizens for disregarding norms for social distancing and wearing masks in public spaces for rising cases of Covid-19, which has resulted in the administration going slow on opening up the city like allowing local trains for the common people.

The commissioner told ET that in spite of vigorous testing and contact tracing, the city has still not been able to bring down the cases as the people are flouting all norms.

“People are not practising social distancing, if they are going out they are wearing masks either below their noses/ chins or not wearing them at all. We are doing all we can, however citizens also have to act responsibility. If they continue to behave like this, then the virus would be there with us for one more year,” warned Chahal.

“People are asking when we would open up more, when would the local trains start running at full strength? However, under the current circumstances when people are behaving in such an irresponsible manner, we can’t think of running local trains, for the people” he said.

Chahal, who recently received the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce’s Covid Crusader Award for battling the pandemic in Mumbai, said that people lacking in discipline were threatening to undo the good work done by the civic body in controlling the C ovid-19 pandemic.

“We had a case where two people from Cuffe Parade were diagnosed with Covid, but instead of staying at home, these people began jogging outside. The neighbours called us and I believe a case has been filed against them.”