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Mumbai headed for disaster in another 30 years: Greens – Times of India

NAVI MUMBAI: Green activists have reiterated that accelerated effects of climate change are raising seawater levels, that can lead to a disaster for a coastal city like Mumbai, by 2050.
“A 2019 study report by the US group Climate Central has clearly stated how many parts of Mumbai are in danger of going underwater by 2050 due to effects of climate change. Then, there will be no use of infrastructure if everything will drown. The only way out is to take care of our environment now,” said environmentalist B N Kumar of NatConnect Foundation.
Activist Debi Goenka of Conservation Action Trust, said: “If rapid industrialization and wrecking of wetlands continues, I don’t think we will have to wait till 2050 for Mumbai to submerge since it can happen sooner. Ice in the Tundra region is also rapidly melting, which also exposes human race to pre-historic bacteria and micro-organisms trapped within permafrost ice. All these factors can destroy humans, if we don’t take proactive green steps now.’’ Activists also said many other coastal places in India can be submerged due to aggravated climate change.