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BMC data reveals significant increase in Coronavirus cases across Mumbai – Mumbai Live

Coronavirus cases in the city of Mumbai have been increasing significantly, and the pattern is similar for the tally in Maharashtra. Earlier, the spread of the virus was under control until the end of August, however, the condition has worsened over the last few weeks.

As per data released by the BMC, more than two thousand patients have been recorded in Mumbai every day, since the Ganeshotsav festivities ended this year. Growth rate and doubling rate of COVID19 infection have deteriorated in several areas across Mumbai.

As of September 14, 2020, areas like Borivali, Malad, and Andheri had more than 10,000 cases, while the number of cases in other wards like Dahisar, Kandivali, Grant Road, Goregaon, and Mulund, has seen exponentially, and the doubling rate in most of these areas has reduced to less than 50 days.

Before the start of Ganeshotsav in August, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) had gained control over the number of coronavirus cases in Mumbai, and many areas had the doubling rate of more than 100 days. Furthermore, not more than an average of 750 cases were recorded on a daily basis. Strict guidelines were imposed in several localities, and respective ward officers and councillors were asked to keep an eye on these.

However, with the unlock 4.0 guidelines, and festivities scheduled for 2020, Mumbaikars stepped out of their homes for shopping and businesses, which led to crowds across the city. Moreover, people have not been following the guidelines imposed by the government, thereby flouting rules of social distance and wearing masks, as advised by the experts.

At present, more than 2000 coronavirus cases are found in Mumbai. Furthermore, the number of victims have also increased as the BMC has begun testing more people in the city. As per records, more than 15,000 people have been tested regularly, and efforts are being made by the municipality officers to control the spread by shifting the COVID19 patients into isolation.

Data released by the BMC, as of September 14, shows three wards in Mumbai with more than 10,000 cases. Borivali tops the chart with 10,395 cases, followed by Malad with 10,213 cases and Andheri East with 10,139 cases. Areas like Andheri West, Dadar, Dahisar, Mulund and Ghatkopar have more than 8,000 cases.

Data collected over the last seven days until September 14, 2020, reveals that the average growth rate in Mumbai has also increased to 1.28 per cent, with more than 11 wards in Mumbai having more than the average growth of new COVID19 cases. Areas like Borivali, Dahisar and Grant Road have the highest growth rate with more 1.6 per cent, followed by Andheri West, Kandivali, Mulund, Goregaon and others.


The doubling rate of coronavirus cases was also found similar to that of the growth rate. Mumbai’s doubling rate has dropped from 84 days to 54 days, and 10 wards in the city have less than the average. Borivali, Dahisar, Grant Road, Andheri West, Kandivali, Mulund, Goregaon, Bandra and other areas have the lowest doubling rate, where the cases are growing at a significant rate.


As of September 14, 2020, Mumbai had a total of 1,71, 949 cases out of which 1,32,349 were discharged, and 31,063 were active cases. More than 9.36 lakh tests have been conducted in the city and 18.35 per cent have tested positive at the current rate. Of all the active cases, 21,705 are asymptomatic, 8086 are symptomatic and 1272 are critical. A total of 592 areas and 8763 buildings have been sealed as containment zones or red zones in Mumbai.