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Mumbai: Sealed buildings up to 7,099; containment zones at 568 – Mumbai Live

According to data shared by the BMC, currently, there are 7,099 buildings that have been sealed in Mumbai whereas the number of containment zones is 568.

Moreover, the highest number of sealed buildings is in R/C ward at 1,348. The lowest number of sealed buildings is in E ward, which has 37 sealed buildings. With regards to containment zones, there are a total of 568 containment zones in Mumbai, out of which the total number of houses is 8,42,563.

The most number of containment zones is in L Ward. This number is 55. The lowest concentration is in Zone B Ward, which is 1. In 11 wards, namely, B, C, A, RN, MW, HW, HE, ME, PS, FN, E in Mumbai, the positivity rate for the coronavirus is very low i.e. 7 to 8 per cent while the remaining 13 wards have a higher positivity rate. Although the number of positive cases of coronavirus in Mumbai is increasing, the mortality rate is decreasing. While it was 5.58 per cent back in June, 4.88 per cent in July, 4.07 per cent in August, it is 2.6 per cent in September.

Meanwhile, in the last 24 hours, Mumbai witnessed 1,788 fresh cases of the coronavirus taking the COVID-19 tally to 1,57,410.