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Mumbai’s Covid toll dips to lowest (20) in over 100 days – Times of India

MUMBAI: The city and the state recorded a significant dip in Covid-19 fatalities on Monday. Maharashtra reported 212 fatalities, which was the lowest in the past 34 days, while Mumbai reported 20 deaths, its lowest toll in 105 days, since May 11. With these additions, the total toll of the state was 22,465 and thtat of the city was 7,442.
Of the 212 deaths in the state reported on Monday, 164 were from the last 48 hours, while 19 were from last week and the remaining 29 were from the week before that, state officials said.

A civic official said that the plunge in deaths though was mainly because of less reporting during the weekend. “It was also festival time. The deaths will reflect in the next few days once the hospitals update their reports,” a civic official said, adding that the city was clocking an average of 40-50 deaths daily.
Maharashtra added 11,015 new cases on Monday, taking the total Covid-19 cases in the state to 6,93,398, very close to the 7 lakh mark. Mumbai added 743 cases, the lowest in 19 days, taking the total number of cases to 1,37,096.
Also, the number of discharges in the state were higher than the daily addition of Covid-19 cases. With the recoveries of 14,219 patients, the state crossed 5 lakh recoveries, taking its overall recovery rate to 72.4%. With this, the active cases in the state have dropped to 1.68 lakh.
A member of the state task force said that of the 1.68 lakh active cases in the state, 95% cases are asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic. The share of critical cases in the state is 3%, while that of patients outside ICU but on oxygen support is around 2%. “It means that if we largely manage to follow the laid-down treatment protocols, most patients can be saved. The concern is now with the infection spreading to peri-urban and rural areas, where there is a dearth of senior consultants,” said the task force member.
In the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, there were 308 positive cases within the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation areas on Monday, taking the total count there to 23,629. Of these, 19,668 patients have successfully recovered from the novel coronavirus so far. Three deaths were reported there on Monday, taking the total toll to 545. The Panvel City Municipal Corporation reported 104 Covid positives and four deaths, taking their total count to 10,538 and deaths to 258.