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E-payment frauds in Mumbai up 70% in 5 months this year – Times of India

MUMBAI: The police’s cyber cell has registered a 70% rise in e-wallet fraud and related digital payment crimes in Mumbai during January-May 2020 over the same five-month period last year. The police attribute this to an increased reliance of the public on online money transfer platforms because of social distancing norms compelled by Covid-19. From March 25 onwards, when the national lockdown went into effect, the police have received 12 cybercrime complaints a day on an average.

In the period under comparison, cybercrime under all heads, including credit and debit card fraud, rose by 19% in Mumbai and 51% in Maharashtra. But, in what is an indication of a shift in criminal focus away from old methods of cyber fraud, complaints of credit and debit card fraud decreased by 10%.
Special inspector general (state cyber cell) Yashasvi Yadav has warned people to look out for signs of fraud. He says people should not divulge confidential information on phone or online (as genuine platforms do not seek such data) and they should not give strangers access to screen-sharing apps. P