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Mumbai Rains 2020: 20 things we are (not) missing – Mumbai Live

The month July has always been synonymous to “Mumbai Rains”. As a resident of Mumbai, only a Mumbaikar can understand the plight of having to go to work in the monsoon month (July to September)

We have been through a lot of unfortunate events in 2020, but if we have to spot the silver lining – it is here. That silver lining is right in the fact that 2020 is perhaps the only year where Mumbaikes are not struggling to go to work or come back home and have the opportunity to enjoy the rain from their windows.

So while it is pouring down outside, we thought of making a list of 20 things that every Mumbaikar would be missing (not) at this point of time, after all the rainy season is here!

Waking up to the dilemma of whether to get dressed or text:

There have been mornings when you would switch to the news at 6 am and calculating mentally if it is safe to go to work today or not. Calling up colleagues, talking to train friends and taking the advice of HR – every rainy day ritual had to be given a miss this year.

Texting “Is it raining in <insert your job location>?”

This year, we didn’t send this text simply because most of us are either working from home or not at all. So yes, this text had to be given a miss too!

M-Indicator chats

From asking “Are trains functioning” to giving unsolicited advice to strangers – we have done it all! In the crazy times of Mumbai Rains. These chats have made us laugh hardest and empathize more times than we can count but not this year.

Leaving early from work

The real struggle is at times not in reaching office but in deciding when to leave. Its 2PM and your boss suddenly announces that trains are getting shut, everyone better leave by 4pm. Now, leaving early is fun but not on the days when trains are shut & you don’t know how to get home.

Being stranded on station/office

While this sounds scary but every year one finds themselves in it at least once during the monsoon season. Despite all the checks on the weather app, one fine day, the rain will suddenly pickup pace and suddenly the trains start getting cancelled and roads get jammed due to waterlogging. In short, there is no way to go home. So, you either reach your friend’s house which is close to office or decide to take a nightcap in the office.

Buying rubber sandals

Visiting local markets in the rainy season meant coming across good looking, colourful rubber sandals and adding them in your footwear collection. This year one may not be needing them. 

Getting broken umbrellas fixed

As soon as monsoon gets over the umbrellas are thrown in the dark pit of the house only to take them out on a Sunday night since its that time of the year already.

Putting that 48-MP on our phone camera to good use

We always had an enthusiastic journalist in us who would click pictures of waterlogging, overcrowded stations and stranded trains to disseminate in the WhatsApp groups & post on social media handles! With us getting stuck in our homes that journalist in us will also have to be content with putting these skills in use elsewhere. 

Witnessing overcrowded trains & platforms

The population explosion never feels real until on one fine rainy day when you set towards station only to realise that 4 trains are cancelled due to rain. Yes, the nightmare of every Mumbaikar

Cursing Mumbai’s Infrastructure

We sure miss cursing the crippling infrastructure of Mumbai every time someone steps on our feet in the local or every time we end up spending an hour waiting on the station. Each rainy day used to serve as a reminder of our career plans that would somehow take us away from the city.

Lonavla trips

So what if Mumbai rains are sadist? We always had a chance to make ourselves feel better about rains and visiting Lonavla. 2020 – You took that away from us!

Spotting a waterpark

Mumbai floods are ruthless but hey! This year we won’t get a chance to view Mulund waterpark or Ghatkopar Bridge Resort at all.

Getting your vehicles Monsoon ready

Again, every 2/4 wheeler owner would relate to this. Monsoon meant testing the skills of your vehicles rigorously and getting it serviced so they are monsoon ready so that they are able to take on the potholes and other challenges head-on.

Booking an over expensive cab

Each year at least once we do end up booking an Ola or Uber at an exorbitant cost, which sometimes was almost equal to the cost of a flight ticket from Mumbai to Goa flight tickets. 2020 helped us save a bomb!

Putting up plastic covers

Be it books, cellphone or the bag itself – everything needs to be protected from the rains. This year since we are not going out, we end up giving the plastic cover a skip.

Avoiding whites

Whites are delicate and wearing whites in monsoon is the stunt that even experts don’t prefer performing. All of you remember the moment when we are peacefully walking our way on the road and out of nowhere a car comes and splashes mud all over you – yeah, 2020 deleted those “monsoon is here” moments for us.

The struggle is real – chanting it every time you reach the office

Whether your preferred mode of transportation is train, bus or car – Mumbai rains always make you remember what struggle is in its most literal form.

Occasionally praying for a downpour

Its a Sunday night and Monday seems too gloomy so we would pray a little too deeply for the heaviest downpour of the season to be on that day just so our office can remain shut and we can snuggle a little extra in our bed to enjoy the rain.

The #MumbaiRains

Every time it continues to rain for 2 hours non stop the fear gropes your heart because Mumbai has always been a few hours of rains away from the flood. This year, is the hashtag even there?

Pleading to be at home

Gloomy skies and weekdays are the worst combinations for the office goers in the city. In 2020, we are no longer pleading to be home with a cup of coffee and soft music around us because we are already at home!

Can you think of any more #MumbaiRain moments? If yes, then please tag us on Twitter @MumbaiLivenews and let us know.