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Unused ventilators sign of Mumbai’s improving Covid 19 situation, claims BMC – Hindustan Times

The BMC or the Brihanmumbai municipal corporation has cited over hundred unused ventilators in Mumbai hospitals to claim that the Covid situation in the metropolis was improving, according to a news agency. Mumbai had reported 954 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday and the total number of registered cases there has reached 95,100. The state of Maharashtra, on the other hand, totals 2,67,665 cases including 6,741 fresh cases recorded on Tuesday.

“Covid facilities presently have 1,053 ventilators in active condition and out of these 125 are not in use because Mumbai doesn’t have that many patients who are to be put on ventilators so these are installed but are not in use,” ANI quoted Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation as saying.

Clarifying its statement even further, the municipal body said that this was an indicator that the situation in the maximum city was getting better.

“This doesn’t mean that these ventilators are left to get dusted but this is an indicator that Mumbai’s Covid situation is getting better and not even total available ventilators are needed,” the BMC official quoted above said.

He added that Mumbai “has 70% recovery rate” of Covid patients and this was a “good sign”.

The number of recovered coronavirus patients in Mumbai stood at 66,633 as of Tuesday after 1,011 more persons were discharged from city hospitals over a duration of 24 hours. This would mean that only 22,828 cases in the capital city were active on Tuesday. The civic body had put the number of suspected patients currently admitted to hospitals at 932.

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BMC has recently received international recognition for its contagion containment programme in Dharavi, considered to be Asia’s largest slum. It reported 23 fresh cases on Wednesday taking its Covid-19 tally to 2,415.

The Tuesday figures were indeed positive for Mumbai since it was only the second instance since July 7 when the daily number of cases had dropped under the 1000-mark. On July 7, 806 new Covid-19 cases were recorded in the metropolis.

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However, the number of single-day deaths had risen once again to reach 70 on Tuesday after having dropped below 50 in the previous three days.

The BMC had yesterday claimed that the average doubling rate of Covid-19 infection in the city had improved to 52 days, while the average growth rate had dipped to 1.34 per cent.

Over four lakh tests to identify cases have been conducted in Mumbai till Tuesday, BMC claimed yesterday.