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Over 25,000 stranded Indians land in Mumbai but no flights from UAE in Phase IV – Mumbai Mirror

More than 25,000 stranded Indians have arrived in Mumbai under the Vande Bharat Mission repatriation flights from 30 countries until now, and 36 more flights are expected till Phase IV expected to go on till mid-July.

According to information released by the Chief Minister’s Secretariat, a total of 25,620 passengers arrived in Mumbai on 166 flights since the mission to repatriate stranded Indians began on May 8. Out of these, 9,391 are residents of Mumbai, while 8,576 passengers belong to other districts in Maharashtra, and 7,653 passengers are from other states.

15 more flights are scheduled to arrive in Mumbai till July 1 as part of Phase III of the mission, and 21 more flights have been scheduled to land in Mumbai in Phase IV till July 15.

As per the Standard Operating Procedures for COVID-19, those from Mumbai are quarantined in hotels around the Mumbai airport, and those from other districts are transported to the concerned district headquarter for institutional quarantine. Those from other states are quarantined in hotels in Mumbai till further transport e-passes arrive from their respective states.

No flights from UAE to Maharashtra in Phase IV

While flights from Nairobi, Johannesburg, Bishkek, Newark and London have been scheduled to land in Mumbai in Phase IV, not a single flight from UAE to Mumbai has been scheduled again in this phase. While several flights have been scheduled from Dubai to other states in India, not a single flight has been scheduled from the international hub closest to Mumbai in four phases of Vande Bharat Mission.

Over 6,000 Indians continue to be stranded in Dubai for more than 90 days. Dubai based businessman Rahul Tulpule finally organised two chartered flights operated by state-owned Fly Dubai to Mumbai and Pune to fly in those who had emergency reasons to return home in June second week.