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Mumbai: Unhappy with single status, cop tries to jump off building – Times of India

The constable’s friends convinced him to get off the ledge

MUMBAI: A 30-year-old constable, upset as he was unable to get married, threatened to jump off the terrace of a three-storey building in Dadar on Saturday afternoon. It took fire brigade and Bhoiwada police officials, and a few of the constable’s friends, three hours to convince him to step back from the ledge.
The constable (name withheld), attached to the local arms division, refused to divulge further details. He said it was a personal problem. With a receding hairline, he was reportedly finding it tougher to find a bride.
Around 11.30am, the constable climbed to the terrace of the three-storey building police quarters building, located opposite his own building. “He started walking on the parapet carelessly, as if he wanted to end his life. When a resident asked him to come down, he refused and started murmuring something,” said senior inspector Vinod Kamble.
Local police kept him engaged till fire brigade officials arrived. They placed bedding for a soft landing in case he jumped.”Police and fire brigade teams tried persuading him to come down, but he did not. Finally, we called his close friends who convinced him to come down,” said Kamble.