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Mission Begin Again: Here’s what will be open in Mumbai in the Phase 2 – Mumbai Live

Given the fact that the lockdown restrictions have been eased in several parts of the country, Mumbai is bracing for its reopening as well. The BMC has now issued fresh guidelines and details for all three phases of reopening, with the second phase going into effect from June 5, which is today

Lockdown in Mumbai had to be eased out starting June 1. However, the same had to be pushed back with Cyclone Nisarga. Sec. 144 was imposed in Mumbai as a precautionary measure against Cyclone Nisarga.

Phase 1 went into effect on June 3, but it had to be cancelled owing to the So technically, Phase 1 of reopening has already begun, albeit with some restrictions.

Here is what was allowed in Phase 1 (starting June 3)

  • Electricians and plumbers were allowed with proper sanitization and protections.

  • Garages and workshops can open pending prior appointments.

  • Citizens can take a walk or jog on the beach, promenade, or any outdoor space as long as there’s adequate social distancing maintained.

  • Government offices will run at 15 per cent capacity.

Phase 2 (starting June 5, today)

Shops at markets as well as surrounding areas (except malls and upscale market complexes) can be open from June 5 as long as social distancing is followed. The advisory suggests that shopkeepers are responsible for maintaining the distance between customers.

  • Shops will function on the P1-P2 basis wherein shops on one side of the lane will remain open on odd days and those on the other side will remain open only on even days.

  • There shall be no use of trial rooms in textile shops. 

  • Vendors are encouraged to follow a no-returns policy for items.

  • Long-distance travel is barred for non-essential purposes.

  • Cabs, taxis, rickshaws, and private four-wheelers can run at minimum capacity (driver + 2 people). 

  • Two-wheelers shall only have one person at a time.

Phase 3 (starting June 8)

  • Office spaces can run at up to 10 per cent capacity while the rest shall be asked to work from home.

  • All employers are required to conduct safety programs for their staff to get them acquainted with preventative measures

List of prohibited activities:

Despite easing a large bulk of the restrictions, the BMC is not allowing activities that encourage large crowds and gatherings. These include:

  • Schools, colleges, training, and coaching institutions.

  • International air travel unless specified otherwise by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

  • Domestic air travel and trains unless allowed through separate orders.

  • Political or sporting events.

  • Religious places/gatherings or places of worship.

  • Auditoriums, cinema halls, gyms, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theatres, and bars.

  • Spa, barbershops, beauty parlours etc.

  • Shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, or any other private hospitality service.

What about containment zones?

The BMC mentions that the aforementioned relaxations won’t apply to containment zones and they will be marked by a perimeter and strictly guarded so that people don’t enter or exit the area. However, essential activities will be allowed in these regions.

Night Curfew:

The BMC has also announced night curfews between 9 PM to 5 AM to avoid people from flocking to the streets after dark. Although essential services will be allowed to run during the curfew.