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Woman with rare Bombay blood group finds donor for C-section, gives birth to boy – Times of India

PUDUCHERRY: A 23-year-old woman with the rare Bombay blood group, from Cuddalore district, gave birth to a boy at Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (Jipmer) after a Puducherry native who shared her blood group donated blood for the C-section delivery. The woman and her newborn are in good health.
V Priya and her husband P Veerapandian, 27, a hotel employee, learned about her rare blood group only when she developed an allergy and breathlessness when she underwent a blood transfusion at government general hospital in Chidambaram. Her blood group had been wrongly identified as O+ve, resulting in a failed transfusion. Doctors at Rajah Muthiah Medical College Hospital, Annamalai University, found her to have Bombay blood group and referred her to Jipmer for treatment.
“The characteristics of Bombay blood group are exactly like O group and is often misguided as O. Patients with this rare blood group can only receive blood from donors of the same group. The institute has six or seven such donors. One of them came forward to donate blood needed for Csection,” said B Abhishekh, associate professor (transfusion medicine), Jipmer.
Priya was admitted to Jipmer on May 30 and I Bhupesh Rajan, 38, donated blood for the surgery within a couple of hours. An NGO ‘Uyirthuli’ arranged the blood. “Bhupesh has travelled across the country and donated blood on 28 occasions,” said ‘Uyirthuli’ founder C Prabhu.