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Covid-19: Workplace guidelines issued by Maharashtra government – Times of India

MUMBAI: Maharashtra government has issued detailed workplace guidelines to be followed in government offices in the state.
These guidelines include: wearing of masks by employees while in office, compulsory thermal screening, 3-feet distance between seats, no sharing of tiffins, no unnecessary crowding and for windows to be kept open for circulation.
“These are guidelines that were received time and again from the Centre. We have issued it for all the offices across the state to follow them,” said an official.
Meetings are to be conducted through videoconferencing, and if there is a need to work on issues together, then smaller groups should be formed.
If an employee is found to be Covid-19 positive then he should stop coming to office and follow the health-related protocol. All those employees who came in touch with a positive person for more than 15 minutes and were closer than 3 feet to them will be categorised as a high risk and the remaining who came in contact with the person but where physically at a distance will be categorised as low-risk contacts. Sanitisation and disinfection of the office the person was using should be done and only then the office should be re-started.
Disinfection of public areas like lifts, toilets should be done at least three times a day, and sanitisation of computers and desks too have been mandated.