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Chances of Rain in Mumbai on June 1 – मुंबई लाइव

It has been hot and humid past few days for people in Mumbai. While the evening get a little pleasant but the overall maximum temperature continues to be over 30 degrees. While people continue to work from home with the lockdown 4.0 in effect, it is expected that the dry spell for the city will continue throughout the month. 

Even earlier in month while surrounding areas like Badlapur and Pune did manage to witness thunderstorm and rain, Mumbai has continued to have a dry spell. However, if the Indian weatherman is to believed then Mumbai has a good chance of getting rainfall around June 1st or 2nd. 

This will be made possible due to UAC/ low forming in the south east Arabian Sea around May 30.

Coming over the to monsoon, as per the India Meteorological Department (IMD), there may be a slight delay in monsoon making it to Mumbai. The monsoon usually makes it to Mumbai by June 10 but this year they will be delayed by a day and be here by June 11. They will also last for eight more days and rather than withdrawing from September 29, they will do so by October 8.

A recent report by officials in a review of the upcoming season on Thursday mentioned that the monsoon in Mumbai is expected to arrive by June 11 and spread to the rest of the state by June 18. The same report also pegs that it will be 96 per cent to 104 per cent of normal.

However, the onset of Monsoon has been delayed in Kerala by four days due to tropical cyclone Amphan. As per IMD, it will now be hitting Kerala by June 5. The normal onset date for monsoon onset in Kerala is June 1. Will this lead to a delay in Monsoon in Mumbai? We asked this question to  Krishnanand Hosalikar, the Deputy Director General (Western Region) of the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD). who said, “One will have to wait a little longer to know that. It is only after the onset in Kerala can we predict the exact date of onset for Mumbai monsoon”.