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BMC revises protocol for sealing of buildings in Mumbai – Times of India

MUMBAI: The BMC on Monday revised its protocol for sealing of buildings in Mumbai where covid-19 positive cases are found.
According to the protocol, now, if there is a positive case in a society or building, the entire building need not to be sealed. Instead, only that particular floor will be sealed as decided by the civic officials and depending on the situation.
“A low-rise building with only single staircase has to be fully locked-down but high0-rise buildings would need lock down of floors rather than the entire building. Application of mind is expected,” a senior BMC official said.
Once the building is sealed, the BMC will hand over the declaration of sealed area to the office-bearers of the residential society and explain the precautions to be taken.
The advisory includes no maids, vendors or service providers be allowed entry, buildings to tie up with local vendors, medical stores to deliver supplies at society boundary, ensure delivery of essential supplies to those home-quarantined asymptomatic patients if any, residents who are medical professionals to sensitize other members of the society and to ensure containment measures are followed masks and social distancing to be followed and if need be security also be deployed. The BMC health staff will also be required to be in contact with home quarantined asymptomatic patients and high risk contacts
The positive symptomatic patients, meanwhile, will be shifted to the dedicated Covid health care centre as per the the beds available and affordability of patient.
Positive asymptomatic patients will be asked to home quarantine as per Government of India guidelines, if adequate facility is available in house and self declaration by the patient. The contacts of positive patients can be home quarantine depending on availability of the space and toilets.
The disinfection should be carried out for the house of the patient along with common areas, lifts, staircase etc. It can be done either be a private agency or BMC.