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Coronavirus cases in Mumbai hit the ‘10,000-mark’ with 769 new cases – Mumbai Live

Data released by the Maharashtra Health Ministry, on Wednesday, May 6, 2020, showed a rise in the number of coronavirus cases in Mumbai, as it crossed the 10,000-mark. With 769 new cases identified in one day, the total in Mumbai has reached 10,714, with 412 deaths.

Maharashtra also witnessed the highest single-day jump with 1233 cases, taking the total in the state to 16,758 cases with 641 deaths. The doubling rate in Maharashtra currently stands at 10 days, as the state marked 8000 cases April 26, 2020. The city of Mumbai contributes to 64 per cent of the total cases in Maharashtra.

After reporting 1008 cases on May 1, 2020, this becomes the second time when Maharashtra has crossed the 1000-mark with coronavirus cases, stated the health department report. 

Keeping the predicted projections in mind, the government and local civic bodies are making necessary arrangements to curb the spread of coronavirus further. It is said that officials had predicted an increase in mid-May and the state has asked health officials to increase the number of beds in the intensive care units (ICU) across hospitals and also asked to increase the staff to around 15,000 more doctors in Mumbai. 

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has also requested the Indian Railways, Army,  Navy, and other agencies to help them with their hospitals in Mumbai, Pune and other cities where the number of cases have seen an increase. Sharing more details, he took to Twitter and said, “As a part of planning, the state government has requested hospitals, institutions & buildings under the management of the Railways, Mumbai Port Trust, Indian Army, Navy and other Central Gov. undertakings to make their facilities available across Maharashtra. This is to make sure there is the availability of ICU beds & isolation centres as a part of preparedness.”

Further, private doctors in Mumbai have been asked to report to hospitals and help them tackle the cases, as the city is short of medical staff. Support is currently needed to address the concerns related tot he pandemic, said the state health ministry