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Ramzan: Mumbai cops to use drones to enforce lockdown – Economic Times

Mumbai: Drones will be used to enforce the lockdown for the coronavirus outbreak to ensure there are no violations in Mumbai during the month of Ramzan that begins on Saturday, a police official said. Drones will be used to monitor if people gather on terraces of buildings and around mosques to break fasts or offer prayers, he said.

Religious leaders have been spoken to and they have assured cooperation, he added.

People are being told to observe rituals keeping in mind the lockdown in place for the coronavirus outbreak, and help will be taken from NGOs etc to deliver food to those staying in red zone containments areas, said Mumbai police spokesperson Pranay Ashok.

“There will be adequate police deployment during this period, including personnel from State Reserve Police Force, Riot Control Police, Quick Response Teams. Drones will be used to check if people are gathering on terraces of buildings or mosques to break fasts or offer prayers,” he added.