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Bombay High Court to cancel summer vacation if lockdown is lifted – Economic Times

Mumbai: The Bombay High Court on Tuesday decided to cancel its month-long summer vacation scheduled to begin on May 7 if the nation-wide lockdown imposed due to COVID-19 is lifted on May 3. The high court summer vacation is scheduled from May 7 to June 7.

If the lockdown is lifted on May 3 then the summer vacation, that is to begin on May 7, will be cancelled and normal courts will function at the principal seat in Bombay and its benches at Aurangabad and Nagpur, a HC official said.

The official added that the courts would then function from 10.30 in the morning instead of the normal time of 11 am.

If the lockdown is extended beyond May 3, then the high court will function as per the present arrangement where special benches convene twice a week to hear extremely urgent matters via video-conferencing, he added.