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Coronavirus in Mumbai: BMC identifies 212 containment zones, CCTVs installed, violators will be prosecuted – India Today

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), in its efforts to crack down on the spread of novel coronavirus, identified 212 containment zones in Maharashtra’s Mumbai.

Twenty-one more containment zones were added to the list in the past 24 hours.

These containment zones have a large number of people who have to be quarantined because of their possible proximity with confirmed novel coronavirus patients.

The rules state that people from these areas should not move out of this zone. Similarly, people from outside are advised not to travel into these zones as well. And this is where the close circuit cameras (CCTVs) installed around the containment zones are being extremely handy for the BMC.

The installed CCTV cameras ensure that the instructions regarding these containment zones are strictly adhered to.

The pictures obtained by these CCTV cameras are regularly monitored by the municipal and police control rooms.

“For the first time, effective monitoring is being done using the ‘Video Analytics’ system so that action can be taken from time to time. Policemen stationed around will automatically get an SMS and take action if any citizen is found loitering in the containment zone areas,” BMC officials said.

The BMC has also mapped these containment zones for the people travelling across the city so they accidentally do not enter these red zones. The map can be seen here.

A report of the daily monitoring of the CCTV is prepared and sent regularly to the concerned departments of the BMC, but despite repeated warnings, in some places, citizens are still seen leaving the containment zone area or visiting the area.

So the BMC is planning to start prosecuting the violators more effectively and in a timely manner.

Under this action, persons violating the rules will be charged in accordance with the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

“The rules imposed in the containment zones are for the benefit of the citizens. People who are likely to become infected should not infect others. It is for this that these ‘containment zones’ have been created. It is imperative that citizens abide by these rules for the benefit and safety of their citizens and others,” BMC officials said.

To help thousands of people living in these containment zones, the BMC is trying to make arrangements to provide food to the doorsteps of people living here.