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Mumbai starts containing ‘cluster infections’ after reporting 64 new cases on Tuesday – Livemint

Mumbai confirmed 64 new cases in the city on Tuesday, taking the total number of infections in the state capital to 151. This was the single biggest jump in new infections reported in a day. State officials are now identifying clusters within the city with more than 3-4 infections and sealing them in order to contain the spread of the virus.

“Tuesday’s numbers appear to be high because of the onboarding protocol for private laboratories,” Dr Anup Kumar Yadav, State Health Commissioner, told Mint. “Every new lab that is authorised to test has to get its first 10 tests re-validated by the state-owned labs. Today, we completed this process for the new private labs, so the total daily count seems high. These cases were actually spread out over the last few days. Now with the private labs able to test, the public’s access to tests will improve.”

As the infection spreads rapidly in the city despite the ongoing lockdown, Dr Yadav said the state has asked the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to identify clusters – localities with 3-4 or more cases – and seal them. “We want to contain the infection to within these clusters,” Dr Yadav said. “We’ve identified nearly 100 such areas within the city. We are trying to seal the boundaries of these clusters and do house-to-house surveys so that all the cases can be identified and treated. We are doing contact tracing so we can identify as many cases as possible. Cluster containment will prevent community transmission of the virus.” On Monday, several parts of Worli Koliwada in south Mumbai were sealed off after 6 people tested positive to the virus in the locality. The newly identified clusters include areas such as Prabhadevi, Dharavi and Govandi, an official with BMC said.

Mumbai has the highest number of cases in the state, according to the latest press release from the state government. Pune has 48 cases, including 5 new cases identified on Tuesday. So far, Maharashtra has reported a total of 302 cases and 10 covid-19- related deaths, of which 7 were in Mumbai.

With 13 state and 8 private testing facilities, over 5500 tests for the covid-19 virus can be handled in a single day in Maharashtra. As of Tuesday, the state has tested 6323 cases, it said in a press release.