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Coronavirus: One-way fares from London to Mumbai shoot up – Times of India

MUMBAI: One-way fares on India-bound flights from European destinations like London and Paris that depart before Wednesday 5.30pm shot up on Monday evening after the government imposed travel curbs. That’s the deadline when the latest curbs come into effect and airlines won’t be allowed to fly passengers from European Union countries, UK and Turkey to India till March 31.
The cheapest one-way fare for a London-Mumbai direct flight on Tuesday began at Rs 1.98 lakh, while on the Delhi-bound flight from London it was Rs 1.05 lakh.
Fares drop if you transit via Dubai, in which case it would be Rs 43,000 to Mumbai and Rs3 5,000 to Delhi via Moscow. Direct flights were not available on Tuesday or Wednesday from Paris (except to Delhi, fares began at Rs 1.56 lakh), Frankfurt and Zurich.