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Coronavirus: CR, WR scrub down local & outstation trains – Times of India

MUMBAI: In the wake of coronavirus outbreak, both both Western Railway and Central Railway have started disinfecting coaches of over 200 locals as well as long-distance trains every day.
This is the first time that WR and CR have undertaken such a preventive exercise as nearly 80 lakh passengers travel on nearly 3,000 WR and CR services daily. Usually, suburban train coaches are swept when they reach the yard after completing the days’ run, said an official, adding: “Trains are washed, internally and externally, once in 18 days.”
WR chief PRO Ravinder Bhakar said: “We started disinfecting coaches, both in suburban and long-distance trains, almost a week ago.” The cost is being met through internal resources, he added.
CR chief PRO Shivaji Sutar said: “We, too, have undertaken this exercise. We have also closed the heritage museum at CSMT till March 31.”
He added, “Focused wiping/ cleaning is being done of all passenger interface areas, components in coaches, like door handles, berth grab handles, wash basins, entry door and partition door handles. Moreover, intensive cleaning and disinfection of toilets is also being ensured.” Also, on-board housekeeping staff has also been counselled and there’s frequent en route cleaning in coaches. WR and CR are also providing fresh linen to passengers in long-distance trains.