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Coronavirus in Maharashtra: Poultry owners peg losses at Rs 700 crore – Times of India

MUMBAI: Rumours that coronavirus can be transmitted through consumption of chicken and eggs has taken a toll on the industry with poultry owners estimating losses at a massive Rs 700 crore due to a sharp fall in demand.
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A delegation of poultry owners on Thursday called on NCP president, Sharad Pawar, and animal husbandry and dairy development minister, Sunil Kedar, to demand financial compensation for the heavy losses to the poultry industry across the state. “The poultry owners submitted a status report to us. Their contention was that following rumours that the disease is transmitted due to consumption of chicken and eggs, the industry is on the verge of collapse. They have demanded that the losses suffered by them should be compensated by the central and state governments,” Kedar told TOI.
Poultry owners have told Pawar and Kedar that in view of the industry facing a crisis, the central and state governments together should draft a revival package. “When the market was hit by bird flu a few years ago, the central and state governments had sanctioned compensation per bird. We feel a similar package should be prepared for the poultry industry,” the poultry owners submitted.
It was pointed out that injust two months, the prices of chicken had reduced from Rs 70 per kg to Rs 15 per kg, while egg prices have reduced drastically, from Rs 4.67 to Rs 2 per egg. Besides the prices of chicken and eggs, chicken feed prices witnessed the biggest ever drop. Besides, hundreds of workers have lost jobs in the past three months.