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Coronavirus update: First 2 patients confirmed in Mumbai, 68 cases in India now – Livemint

Two cases of novel Coronavirus, or Covid-19, were confirmed in Mumbai on Wednesday, marking the first cases for the metropolitan city, Maharashtra chief minister Uddhav Thackeray said on Twitter.

In addition to the Mumbai cases, there are also eight other cases from Pune, taking the total number of cases in Maharashtra to 10 and nationally to 68.

The Union Health ministry in its latest update on Wednesday evening had accounted for only two cases from Maharashtra, both from Pune. Six new patients from the city have since been confirmed.

“2 patients in Mumbai & 8 in Pune have been detected positive for COVID-19(Corona Virus). They’ve been kept in the hospital under observation,” Uddhav Thackeray said in a tweet.

Thackeray appealed to the people of Maharashtra not to panic and asked people travelling back to India to stay “separately” at their homes.

“Board exams are on so the schools are functional at the moment, but, if there’s a need the State will issue Holiday,” the Maharashtra CM said.

With the latest cases, the total number of cases in India has risen to 68, with Maharashtra having the second largest number of cases after Kerala that has 17. Three patients of these who had been diagnosed earlier had recovered.

The World Health Organization on Wednesday declared the outbreak a pandemic, saying cases outside China have risen 13-fold over the last two weeks.

Since the outbreak started in December, more than 120,000 people have been infected by the virus, with around 80,000 of them in China alone where the virus originated. However, the spread of the disease has been rapid in other countries over the last two weeks, with around 30,000 cases now in Iran, Italy, South Korea, Spain, France and Germany.

In Italy, the number of deaths over the last 24 hours has soared from 196 to 827, leading to a crisis and a lockdown in the European nation.

The Indian government itself has taken a series of measures, most prominent among them being the suspension of visas of all foreign nationals coming to the country till 15 April.