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Mumbai: Two molest pregnant woman, click pics – Times of India

MUMBAI: A 25-year-old five-month pregnant woman from Vasai, who runs a coaching class for competitive exams, was molested in her rented house by two men, who allegedly photographed her semi-nude on Sunday. Manickpur police are examining CCTV footage for leads.
The woman, who was alone at home, had stepped out of the bathroom when the doorbell rang around 11.45am. Her husband had left for work around 9am. She opened the door to find two strangers, one in a T-shirt and jeans, and the other in formal shirt and trouser. They asked for her husband, but she told them that he had gone to work. When asked if they had work with him, they said they wanted to speak to her. She told them that she did not work on Sundays, and they could meet her at the coaching centre on Monday.
She stated in her police complaint that the men then barged in, one of them pinned her down and directed the other to click her photographs on his cellphone. The men fled when she raised an alarm.
The woman called her husband and a female friend, and they approached police. The men, who spoke in Marathi, were booked under IPC section 354 (B) for molestation. She told police that while she did not know them, she could identify them.
The building does not have CCTV cameras but police said that they will look for footage from surrounding areas.