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Man beaten up after an airline tag that read ‘BOM’ for ‘Bombay’ was confused with Bomb – Republic World – Republic World

Ganesh Shinde, a 32-year-old man, was allegedly beaten by fellow passengers travelling in the Kandesh Express train after they suspected him of being a terrorist. What led them to this suspicion? Well, the man was carrying his luggage that had an airline tag on it that read ‘BOM’ (abbreviation for Bombay).

Confusing it with ‘BOMB’, the passengers started beating him up. The condemnable incident occured at 11.35 pm when Shinde was on his way to Mumbai to attend a friend’s wedding. The Railway Protection Police (RPF) informed that Shinde asked another passenger Shankar for charger when he got suspicious after he wanted to show him an interesting ‘recipe to make bomb’. Also, according to the reports, there was a map scribbled on his luggage. 

Seeing, this Shankar allegedly got suspicious and called for help. On being enquired about it later, Shinde said that he had drawn the map to explain the route of char dhaam yatra to a friend. Shinde was handed over to Surat Government Railway Police where the entire train was check for a ‘bomb’.

Shinde explained that the luggage tag was from his previous job at the airport as a utility van driver. After confirming all the details with his family, Shinde was let off.